Life was good. My wife and I still liked each other after many years of marriage. We had our health, well-paid jobs, and lived in our dream house. Our two children were good students who participated in wholesome, extracurricular activities.

When my wife suggested we hit pause to take a year-long trip it was easy to agree. But when she purchased a Volkswagen camper van and announced we would be driving to Mexico and Central America, I felt compelled, as a responsible parent and mostly-mature adult, to ask a few more questions. Was it safe? Could we afford it? Would our children spend their adult lives in therapy because we had forced them to spend a year in close proximity in our tiny house on wheels?

This book doesn’t answer all of these questions, but it does tell the tale of how the year that ruined our lives turned out to be the best year we had ever had.

The book has inspired me to ruin my life, and left me with a craving for grilled meat. VANAMOS!

Lori Greene, author

Who wrote this book I think I know. He drove a ways through Mexico; while I prefer to stay right here; there’s not much snow down south, you know.

Robert Frost (not an actual quote, but something he might have said if he were still alive).

The kind of story that keeps you awake long after the rest of the house has fallen asleep.

praise by the magazine Vogue for the memoir “The Glass Castle”, by Jeannette Walls, with which the author wholeheartedly agrees and believes applies equally to “The Year We Ruined Our Lives”.