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The Book

A Family Road Trip through Mexico and Central America

We had been successfully pursuing the American Dream for the better part of twenty years. My wife and I had jobs that we liked, two pre-teen children who we also liked (most of the time, anyway), and a Netflix subscription. We were walking the path to a comfortable retirement after the kids graduated from college. What happened next was something we had never expected.

Meet the Author

Paul Carlino won the class spelling bee when he was in second grade. He has since spelled words correctly while writing school papers, emails, court briefs, tax and travel articles, love letters to his wife, short stories, and poems.

The Year We Ruined Our Lives is his debut novel.

Great book! The stories are captivating and funny. Maybe not ‘pee-your-pants’ funny, but (since I never wanted to put the book down) it was a close call.

Jennifer M. Sparks
Author, Slow Travel: Escape the Grind and Explore the World.

I loved this book. It has been so helpful in planning our year abroad. It is very well written and has great information while still being entertaining.

Angela, Canada, August 2022
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